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All great buildings are the result of exceptional design. It is not an outcome easily accomplished, but we recognize it when we see – or more importantly – feel it.

It doesn’t exist in architectural style, building form or materials alone. It is expressed in the more profound idiosyncrasies of proportion, detail consideration and love of craft. It resides in its neighbourliness, its democratic stance and its naturalness.

Buildings which have achieved exceptional design are woven into their surroundings, taking on the cultural spirit of the place they call home. They are open, accessible and enduring. They are constructed, above all else, for the people who use them. Their design is not rooted in what is architecturally fashionable or theoretically current, but by the building’s program and the task at hand.

"At LINEVISION Architects we concentrate on delivering contemporary architecture of exceptional design, from which great buildings arise."

  • WORK What we create is rooted in how we work: collaboratively, uniting with clients for the benefit of their building program and community.
  • LISTEN / ENGAGE / RESPOND We listen carefully, engage actively and respond thoughtfully. Simplicity and ingenuity are fundamental to our design process.
  • STUDIO Through meaningful dialogue we create an adaptive, passionate studio setting, crafting innovative and compelling environmentally sensitive buildings
  • TECHNOLOGY We make innovative use of technology, integrating our buildings and their systems with nature, rather than separating them from it. As a result, we create an enriched awareness of location, landscape, solar movement and seasonal change.
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