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PORT CREDIT: Port Credit, Ontario

ARCHITECT: Adamson Associates Architects

DESIGN LEADERSHIP: Michael Poitras, Partner-in-Charge of Design

CLIENT: Withheld

Port Credit Waterfront Development

This development for the Port Credit Yacht Club and adjacent lands is located on Mississauga’s waterfront, in an area beginning to transition from two-storey brick houses and apartment buildings from the 1950s into one of waterfront-focused condominiums, parks and public walkways.

Programmatically comprised of new offices, condominiums, retail, a hotel and a new yacht club, this large mixed-use project weaves itself into the existing two and three-storey urban fabric, while growing in scale, as it gets closer to the waterfront.

By extending Helen Street south to Lake Ontario, a new breakwater and park now bound the east side of Port Credit’s re-organized yacht club, defining an enormous water court. Further, this park-like breakwater, complete with boat storage and parking facilities is linked to the existing sunken cargo ship (another breakwater), which incorporates windmills to be used for the yacht club’s electrical requirements.

Inserted parallel to the breakwater and perpendicular to the shoreline is the main precinct, a huge mixed-use project, resembling a giant docked boat. This nautical image exemplifies the best in public space design, with the creation of an enormous courtyard on scale with the best of Italian precedents. As such, life within the “boat” is a rich mixture of people, cars, fountains, office and retail, all blended together at ground level. Outside the “boat”, public walkways and landscaping merge with the architecture, complementing the leisurely lifestyle associated with waterfront living.

Note: For Port Credit Waterfront Development statistics, materials and general program, see Mixed Use Portfolio – Port Credit Waterfront Development.

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