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LOCATION: Jersey City, New Jersey

ARCHITECTS: Cesar Pelli & Associates: Design Architect

EXECUTIVE ARCHITECT: Adamson Associates Architects

TECHNICAL DESIGN LEADERSHIP: Michael Poitras, Partner-in-Charge of Design, Adamson

CLIENT: Goldman Sachs


  • No. of storeys: 42
  • Total floor area (above grade): 1,635,270 ft2 (151,922 m2)
  • Total floor area (below grade): 653,685 ft2 (60,729 m2)
  • Below grade parking: 1,517 (includes 22 barrier free stalls)
  • Loading dock spaces: 8


  • Curtain wall + decorative ss tubes
  • Stone spandrel panels
  • Prefinished metal soffits
  • Granite floors (lobby)
  • Granite pavers (exterior)
  • Outdoor landscaping

General Program:

  • Commercial office space
  • Retail
  • Connects to Colgate ferry terminal
  • Outdoor public space

LEED: Silver

Cost: Withheld

Completion: 2004

30 Hudson Street

Across the river from Manhattan’s financial district, sits this prominent 42-storey office tower along the shores of Jersey City, New Jersey, the New Jersey headquarters of Goldman Sachs. This site, part of Jersey City’s massive waterfront redevelopment (which included the reconstruction of the existing waterfront pier and the Colgate ferry terminal), is Jersey’ City’s tallest skyscraper, located directly adjacent to the Hudson River and just north of the Statue of Liberty. Providing more than 1.5 million square feet of commercial office space and housing over 1,500 underground parking stalls, this office building is the most visible tower on this side of the Hudson River.

Contrasting with its waterfront neighbours, the smooth, taut, glassy form of this office tower responds to the unique conditions of this former industrial site, with a “torpedo-like” shape, achieved through a series of subtle massing setbacks, which gently taper as the building rises. The resultant office building emits multiple shadows and reflections that constantly change throughout the day and with the mood of the seasons.

The glass curtain wall of the office tower is further embellished with an interweaving of horizontal and vertical brushed stainless steel tubular accent pipes designed to provide detail and visual interest to the facades. With a density of tubes concentrated at the building’s base and gradually becoming reduced as the building rises, the overall massing of the tower is modulated with a fine architectural texture. Combined with the unique qualities of the glass and stone selected for the curtain wall, the project reinvents the standard for tall building curtain wall design.

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